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The Best Islands to Visit for Viewing Scottish Wildlife

Scotland. Famous for a number of things including Whisky, Irn Bru, Trainspotting and the Proclaimers. However, it’s also known for its immense natural beauty. Natural features such as Loch Lomond and Ben Nevis are known around the globe. Scottish wildlife is another reason people come from afar to the country. Here are the best islands to catch a glimpse of Scotland’s most intriguing creatures:


The island of Rum may only have a population of around 30 people, but what it lacks in humans it makes up for in wildlife. The entire island is owned by the Nature Conservancy Council and is a nature reserve. The wildlife that you will be able to see on Rum includes Red Deer, White-tailed Sea Eagles as well as Otters and Seals.

scottish wildlife

Ailsa Craig

Located off the west coast, Ailsa Craig is half way between Glasgow and Belfast. It’s also home to an extinct volcano. If birdwatching is your thing then this is the perfect place to go. Gannets, Razorbills, Guillemot and Black Guillemot all call the island their home. Perhaps the biggest attraction of Ailsa Craig, however, is the Puffin.

South Uist

Sporting a diverse environment, the Outer Hebrides second largest island is the perfect place for Scottish wildlife. Corn Crakes and Hen Harriers call the island their home and will be heard across the land. If you are lucky then you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of a Golden Eagle or Peregrines Falcon (who can reach speeds of 200MPH).

scottish wildlife


Mull is home to an abundance of wildlife. First of all there are over 250 species of bird on the island – including Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Short-Eared Owls and Hen Harriers. Head towards the coastline and you’ll be able to see the coasts that otters and seals call home. However, the sea life is the main draw. Minke Whales, Porpoises, Dolphins and Basking Sharks all swim around the island.


Islay’s mild climate means that the wildlife around the island is much more diverse than the other places on this list. There are different species of Deer, Otters and Cetacean that call Islay home. One of the biggest attractions on the island is the flocking Geese in the spring.

Scottish Wildlife: Shetland

scottish wildlife

Shetland is the most northern part of the United Kingdom. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel Scottish. But it does hold host to some wonderful wildlife. Shetland is considered the best place in the UK for viewing Otters. The birdlife on the island is extensive. You may even get to see Orcas! Not to mention it being home to 50,000 Puffins…