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Scottish Slang: Scotland’s Oldest and Favourite Phrases Translated

The official language of Scotland might be English, but that might not be the case. The Scottish people have put so much of a twist on their language that it’s an entirely different language altogether. If you happen to be visiting the country, Basic English should get you through. But if you want the authentic Scots experience you should learn some of this Scottish slang:

·        Aye Right

Translation: Yeah, right. Use: When you don’t believe something that you are being told.

·        Pure Dead Brilliant

Translation: Really Good. Use: Describing something good that has happened.

·        Yer Aff Yer Heid

Translation: You’re off your head. Use: When someone is doing something crazy, unusual.

scottish slang

·        Don’t Be a Wee Clipe

Translation: Don’t be a tell-tale. Use: When someone is going to tell on you for something.

·        Whit’s Fur Ye’ll No Go Past Ye

Translation: Whatever is meant to happen, will end up happening. Use: Cheering someone up.

·        Away An Bile Yer Heid

Translation: Away and boil your head. Use: Telling someone to get lost.

·        Haud Yer Wheesht

Translation: Be quiet. Use: When someone is being too loud or annoying.

scottish slang

·        Hou’s It Gaun?

Translation: How’s it going? Use: Asking someone how they are.

·        Yer a Chancer

Translation: You’re pushing your luck. Use: When someone is trying to get more than they should.

·        Beggars Cannae be Choosers

Translation: Don’t question someone when they are offering you something.

·        Taps Aff

Translation: T-shirts off. Use: As soon as any sunlight hits, the tops come off.

scottish slang

·        Geein Me the Boak

Translation: That makes me want to be sick. Use: When something is so disgusting it makes you uneasy.

·        Ye Goan to the Dancin

 Translation: Are you going to the club?

·        Yer Getting Skelped

Translation: You are getting slapped. Use: When someone is being cheeky.

·        I’m Goin Tae the pictures

Translation: I’m off to the cinema.

·        Yer At It

Translation: You are acting the idiot/fooling around. Use: When someone you know is messing around and won’t stop.

·        Ah Dinnae Ken

Translation: I do not know.

·        She’s a Bonnie Lass

Translation: She is beautiful. Use: When you find someone attractive.

·        Scottish Slang: Mad Wae It

Translation: Very, very drunk. Use: When you’ve been at the pub too long and you’re feeling it.

·        That’s Clatty

Translation: That is disgusting/dirty

·        Gonnae No Dae That

Translation: Can you stop doing that.

·        Yer Oot Yer Face

Translation: You are way too drunk right now. Use: When someone is so drunk that it’s starting to get annoying.