learning a new language

The Reasons Why You Should Be Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is something that a lot of people promise themselves they are going to do. But not many of us actually fulfil this promise. An EU study claims that only 39% of people that live in the United Kingdom can take part in a conversation in a foreign language. Even then, how many of these conversations are fluid? There is no reason why we shouldn’t learn another language. Here are the reasons why we shouldn’t settle for just knowing English:

It Opens Up New Opportunities

One of the best things about learning a new language is the opportunities that it opens for us, especially in our career. More and more companies are becoming globalised – meaning that they do business in numerous countries across the world. It will be much easier and you’ll become more employable if you can speak more than one language. In particular Mandarin is becoming important in a lot of industries.

Boosts Your Brain Power

Not only does your brain learn a different language, it also increases its capacity for learning. Studies have found that the learning process behind learning language will improve memory, attention span and reduce the risk of the brain deteriorating with age.

learning a new language

Friends in Different Cultures

Learning language that is different from your native tongue will open up the possibilities for new friendships and connections. If you go on holiday and are able to speak to the natives in their own language then you will be more likely to form friendships. Not only that but you’ll be able to order food much more easily!

learning a new language

Makes You More Interesting

Being able to speak numerous languages makes you much more intriguing to other people. It is so easy to not have to learn another language when English is your native tongue. But putting the effort in to actually learn a different dialect makes for a great conversation starter.

Learning a New Language Makes For Safer Vacations

Being able to go to a country and understand what everyone is saying makes it much safer. Often at places like markets in foreign countries they will look to overcharge and scam people that are very obviously not from the area. If you are able to speak the local language then you’ll be able to get the “local price”.

More Logical Thinking

Did you know that learning new languages enables us to think in a more logical manner? Not only will you be able to speak the language but you’ll also be able to think in it. This can take away an emotional attachment to a decision – allowing for a logical thought process and conclusion.