Using Antiques For Art – Old Books and Collectibles

The popularity of collecting and using antiques for art has soared in recent years, especially with the art nouveau movement. In years gone by, a piece of art had to be very old to be considered valuable; nowadays, any item is fair game. Antiques come in all shapes and sizes, from furniture and objects used in daily life to impressive masterpieces on canvas. Some people use antiques as a form of investment, while others enjoy antiquing as a hobby or to create an artistic environment in their home.

Use Of Antiques

The market for antiques is huge and thriving. There are many auction halls, open to the public where collectors can buy and sell antiques. The internet also has hundreds of online dealers, many of whom specialise in certain types of antiques. Most online dealers will provide photos of their items so that the potential buyer can have a better idea of the value. It is worth trying to see an item before buying – it’s a lot more fun to look at something you have bought online than to look at a dusty pile of dust in your attic!


You can display different types of art in any room of your house, from your living room to your bedroom. Antiques on show can increase the perceived value of items, depending on the quality of the work and its authenticity. If you are buying or selling antiques, a good quality piece will hold its value, whereas items of poor quality will depreciate in value.

You don’t need to be an experienced collector to get a great deal on antiques. Anyone can find a number of interesting pieces, either from auctions or estate sales, which can be used as art or for another purpose. If you are planning to collect, buy or sell antiques, you should be aware of the value of each item. Very old antiques can fetch huge sums of money; in fact, some items may be worth more than a million pounds! Don’t be afraid to consult experts and use common sense when investing.


A wide range of different items can be used for creating your own home decor or creating custom pieces. Some people like to use antiques to create a feeling of history in their homes; for example, items such as a grandfather clock or ‘maid of honour’ chess set can help create a romantic and rich environment. In fact, items which are ‘antique’ and ‘date’ can still be used as a focal point in a room – think of a Tiffany lamp or a Louis XIV chandelier. Alternatively, if you want a more modern look in a room, you could look at items such as a used television, an old book shelf, or a baby grand piano. Again, depending on your taste and budget, you could create something completely unique.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of ideas for using antiques for art – you just need to know what to choose and how to locate or buy them. Remember that antiques are not always cheap, so if you’re buying from someone who’s selling antiques, it’s important to find out the true value before you make your purchase. Also, make sure that the items you buy are actually antiques, as there are many fakes and reproductions out there that are cheaper and available all around the world!