Things to Consider Before Opting for Basement Conversion

Can You Dig It?

Before undergoing basement conversion you’ll need to consider what is (or isn’t) already there. Do you already have a cellar? Will a new basement need to be dug out? If you want to add features such as plumbing or heating, then you may need to have these installed beneath the ground – there is a lot to consider. One of the most important things to consider in the initial stages is that there may be more work needed that you think.


If you have a pre-existing basement that you just want to spruce up, then you probably don’t need planning permission. But if you are looking to expand your basement or undergo a full excavation then you will more than likely be required to get travel insurance.

Payment Method

Converting a basement is not a cheap job, you may not have the money upfront to do what you are looking to do, however, this shouldn’t stop you. Many companies that provide basement conversion will allow you to pay the money back in instalments, meaning you don’t need to compromise on what you want.

Needs to Be Dry

Basements are a lot more waterproof than they once were, there is much more technology, techniques and regulations put in place to help ensure that your basement is dry. Damp proofing will need to be added, especially if your property is on particularly wet ground. But don’t worry, the professionals can help ensure that everything is water tight and in good order. Nowadays, a basement conversion can end up being the warmest room in the house.

Light Up

Due to the nature of a basement and the fact that it is underground, you need to ensure that ample lighting is installed when undergoing a basement conversion. This may mean installing electric into the basement. There is no way of adding large windows into a basement conversion because for the most part you would just be looking at soil. There may be opportunity for a small window to be added for ventilation but you may also have a windowless basement.


Depending on what you are planning to do with your basement conversion will have a lot to do with the types of furnishings you opt for. There are many different options out there and the best part is that you can customise it to suit your needs. Just some of the many things you could do with a basement conversion include;

  • Games room
  • Gym
  • Extra living room
  • Den
  • Bar
  • Indoor swimming pool