Man dead lifting with equipment used for fitness

The Latest Health and Fitness Trends of 2018 You Should Know

The health and fitness fuelled lifestyle has truly blown up in popularity in the last few years. Although there have been “fitness freaks” around for many decades, it is only recently that large quantities of the general public have started taking a keen interest in foods, drinks and physical activities that will help them maintain good health. This progression has coincided nicely with the ubiquitous use of smart phones and the development of the everyday blogger thus giving all gym newbies unlimited access to professional and semi-professional advice relating to exercise. The only issue is that it is easy to become overwhelmed with the available content online that in many ways is contradicting. Below is a list of the latest fitness trends that are being used by professional trainers in the UK.

The Versaclimber

This impressive new piece of technology allows the user to engage all the major muscle groups – arms, chest, shoulders, back, glutes, hips and legs – with one single machine. The Versaclimber, as the name suggests, is set up to aid the user to conduct a natural climbing motion, which is a low impact cardio workout. This is ideal for anyone who has issues using the bike or the treadmill. Not only is this machine available for independent use but there are even Versaclimber classes running in London which comprise of climbing to the beat of the music.

Girls in a dance studio stretching with elastic bands for fitness


Fitness classes involving trampolining has been around for a few year now, however typically it was a small trampoline assigned to one person and the bouncing was reduced to short, controlled springs. In 2018 you will notice a lot of trampoline centres have opened up with interactive game areas and plenty space for extra-large trampolines. Fitness classes hosted within these centres are seriously trending and we have NASA to thank for it. A study conducted by NASA scientists revealed bouncing on a trampoline was 68% more effective than jogging yet requires less effort. On top of that bouncing around a padded room full of giant trampolines with your friends is really fun. What’s not to love?


Recovery is a huge part of taking care of yourself while getting fit and without due care you can seriously damage yours muscles. Passive recovery is certainly nothing new but innovative technologies have certainly jazzed things up quite a bit. Cyrotherapy is a process in which you stand in an electronic chamber that releases freezing cold mist (-150C) for 1-3 minutes. The purpose of this technology is that the blast of freezing mist decreases cell growth (cellular metabolism), inflammation and pain while increasing cell survival. There are various locations in London that house cryotherapy chambers such as The Wellness Clinic in Harrods.

Man rock climibng at a climbing centre for fitness

Infrared Saunas

On the other end of the temperature spectrum is an infrared sauna which emits steam that produces infrared heat which is absorbed into the surface of the skin. This treatment is actually used as a calorie burning procedure, as opposed to recovery, although it will be extremely relaxing. The infrared rays penetrate the skin and heat up the body from the inside out, which is the opposite effect to typical saunas. It is believed that you can burn 600 calories in 40 minutes, by simply lying in this high tech sauna.